Daughters of the American Revolution wants to add West Chester chapter

Wanted: West Chester Twp. women who can trace their roots back to the American Revolution and are passionate about patriotism and interested in volunteer opportunities.

The state society of the Daughters of the American Revolution wants to set up shop either in West Chester Twp. or Mason because they believe the rapidly growing area is under-served. They have tasked Organizing Regent Jan Mauch with building a new chapter and membership base.

“The last couple of years they’ve been watching this West Chester, Mason area because it’s growing so much,” Mauch said. “It is an area where there currently isn’t a chapter… Their thinking is we are probably missing ladies who could join us in that area.”

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There are chapters in Hamilton, Middletown, Monroe and Oxford, but Mauch said they want the meeting places to be convenient for all who wish to join.

DAR is a women’s non-political, patriotic, lineage-based, service organization with projects and emphasis on patriotism, historic preservation and education. Membership in DAR is available to women who can trace their lineage to patriots who supported the American Revolution in a variety of ways.

Mauch said she never dreamed she had Revolutionary War ancestors because her father’s family immigrated here in the 1890s, but as it turned out, her distant relative on her mom’s side, Richard Pennington, who fought for North Carolina in the war, was married to Daniel Boone’s sister Hannah.

New members must have proof of their ancestry, but they don’t have to unearth it alone.

“If they think they have a Revolutionary War person in their background and they get in touch with DAR, there are ladies throughout our national and our state level who will help you make that documentation,” Mauch said. “It really is pretty neat.”

The application fee to join is $115 for the basic application — it covers the first year’s membership dues and the national dues. Thereafter Mauch said she is still working on setting the annual dues amount but she expects it to be in the $55 to $70 range.

The various chapters have a cornucopia of volunteer efforts in their communities including helping veterans, donating to and helping at schools, libraries and nursing homes among other worthy causes.

Mauch, who is an Indian Hill resident, has been scouting out West Chester, visiting the library, chatting with churches and the historical society, in search of a place to hold meetings. She said she hopes to have an organizational meeting scheduled soon.

Mary Jo Bicknell, with the West Chester-Union Township Historical Society, welcomes the new group.

“I think it’s wonderful, not every area has a DAR chapter around,” Bicknell said. “It’s helps more history be revealed.”

Women age 18 and over can contact Mauch at 513-561-0080 or jan.mauch@me.com for more information.

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