Ross student charged with killing fellow student has criminal past

A 17-year-old Ross High School student charged with murder for allegedly fatally shooting fellow Ross student Austin Hensley in the head during a robbery Tuesday has a criminal history dating back to 2016, according to juvenile court records.

That included charges that he said he had a bomb in his locker in March.

The boy was classified as an unruly juvenile in November 2016 following a domestic violence complaint filed by a parent. The outcome was probation, counseling, house arrest, undergoing risk assessment and take medication as prescribed.


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On Nov. 23, 2016, the boy was charged with assault while at the juvenile detention center. He was given probation, fined and ordered to stay away from the victim.

On March 10, 2017, the boy was charged by the Butler County Sheriff’s Office with making a terroristic threat, which came from his claim he had a bomb in his locker. He was given credit for 85 days served, and the remaining six-month sentence to the Ohio Department of Youth Services was suspended. He was ordered to not have access to weapons.

The teen was again charged with domestic violence on June 19. He was sentenced to 90 days in the county Juvenile Detention Center, placed on probation and ordered to continue counseling.

On June 27, the teen was charged with harassment by an inmate while at JDC. He was given a suspended sentence to the department of youth services, placed on intensive probation, house arrest and ordered to take medication.

The teen was arrested for making false alarms and harassment by an inmate on July 28 and again placed on house arrest and ordered to continue counseling.

In addition to murder and other felony charges, a probation violation is also now pending against the teen.

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