Police stop half-naked woman on Butler County street


A half-naked woman stopped by police on a Fairfield Twp. street told officers she had been asleep for two days after using heroin and meth.

Photos show the woman, who is not wearing pants or underwear, talking to a Fairfield Twp. police officer through an open cruiser window. The photos were posted to social media by passersby shortly after the incident.

“She thought she was dreaming until I stopped her,” Officer Mark Sons wrote in a police report about the incident that happened Thursday afternoon.

Sons was patrolling near Grand Boulevard at about 1:30 p.m. when he saw the 29-year-old woman “walking down Tuley Road without her pants.”

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The woman said she had been asleep for two days after using heroin and meth, according to the police report. The woman added she had been with a man and did not know what was happening or why she did not have on pants.

Sons could tell she was having some sort of medical or mental issue and called for the life squad, according to Sgt. Jim Souhrada.

“She also told him she was bipolar and had not taken her medications for sometime,” Souhrada said.

A concerned resident came out with a pair of shorts for the woman as another officer arrived with a blanket.

Paramedics evaluated the woman, who refused further treatment or transportation to the hospital.

A syringe was located near the area where she was seen walking, but officers could not say if the woman had been in possession of it.

The woman was transported by Sons to the home of her uncle, who said he would look after her.

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