Here’s what an ‘unprecedented’ 116-gun seizure by Butler County officials looks like

A two-year investigation into suspected drug dealing in Cincinnati led to the arrest of a West Chester Twp. man and the confiscation of an arsenal of firearms.

Cincinnati police, with assistance from the Butler County Sheriff’s Office B.U.R.N. Task Force, arrested Alexey Gibson, 30, on Feb. 1 in a Toyota Camry and found 10 guns, 100 grams of cocaine, five pounds of marijuana, digital scales and $30,000.

A search warrant was then served in the 8100 block of Autumn Lane, where 116 guns of all shapes and sizes were seized. Today during press conference, the guns, including revolvers, semi-automatic handguns, rifles and one silencer were displayed at the Butler County Sheriff’s Office.

FIRST REPORT: Hundreds of guns seized in Butler County

Gibson, who is believed to be in the country legally from the Ukraine, is charged with drug trafficking, CCW and improper transport of firearms in vehicle. He is in jail at the Hamilton County Justice on $650,000 bond.

“You see there is every kind of gun there is here,” said Butler County Sheriff Richard Jones. “These are guns that have been taken off the streets.”

The sheriff and Cincinnati Police Col. Michael John said the investigation is ongoing and now involves federal authorities.

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Some of the guns were loaded when found, and there was plenty of ammunition found stashed throughout the house.

Jones noted in Butler County there have been three officer-involved shootings in the past 12 months.

“It is very important that we all work together (to get guns off the streets),” Jones said.

Law enforcement officials did not say why they believe Gibson had the guns or what he was going to do with then, but John said the investigation is “fluid and by no means over.”

John added, “This is just an unprecedented about of firearms to be taken off the street.”

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