Hamilton man cited after crashing into funeral procession motorcycle escort

A Hamilton man has been cited for failure to yield to a funeral procession after a crash Saturday in which a motorcycle escort officer was struck.

Timothy D. Humphreys, 65, of Medway, was directing traffic during a funeral for American Motorcycle Escort in Fairborn, when his motorcycle was hit by the driver of a Ford Ranger pickup truck, according to the Hamilton Police accident report.

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The driver of the truck, William Kellum, 67, of Benninghofen Avenue, was issued the citation. Both men were taken to area hospitals and are expected to recover.

The crash happened at 11:49 a.m. Saturday in the 4000 block of Pleasant Avenue during a funeral procession for Norma Cooper of Fairfield, who died Aug. 13 at the age of 94.

According to witnesses, there was a small gap in the funeral procession. Humphreys was driving in the center lane of Pleasant (U.S. 127 ) passing the procession in order to block traffic at the intersection of St. Clair Avenue when Kellum, who was at a stop sign, drove through the procession and hit the motorcycle, according to the report.

Kellum was attempting to turn left from Foster Avenue to Pleasant when the crash occurred.

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Scott Kerth, of Oakley, was a passenger of a car near the front of the procession and didn’t see the accident, but “all of a sudden I heard a crash.”

He said the truck struck the motorcycle head-on, and the officer flipped through the air and landed in a grassy area. He was briefly unconscious but did come to before being taken to the hospital.

Staff Writer Michael Pitman contributed to this report