Area man pleads guilty to reduced charge in Middletown church break-in

A Springboro man pleaded guilty to a reduced misdemeanor charge last week after breaking-in to a Middletown church.

Police were called about an unwanted person at the Deliverance Tabernacle Worship Center on Manchester Road. Christopher Dunfee, 29, was found walking south on the railroad tracks near the 3200 block of Manchester Road on Dec. 1 and was detained for criminal trespass for being on the railroad tracks, according to the police report.

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The church pastor said there had been damage in the church, and it appeared the suspect had stolen food and ransacked the church by going through drawers and opening cabinets, according to the police report.

Police also found a screwdriver with a handle wrapped in black electrical tape sitting next to the door, and evidence that it was used to prying a lock open.

Dunfee admitted to entering the church about midnight and staying there all night, according to police. He also admitted to stealing food, causing the damage and ransacking the church.

He was arrested for felony breaking and entering and criminal trespass.

At his preliminary hearing Monday, Dunfee pleaded guilty to a reduced charge of aggravated trespass, a first-degree misdemeanor. He received a 90-day jail sentence with credit for serving nine days in jail and a $100 fine and ordered to stay away from Deliverance Tabernacle.

Judge James Sherron ordered a stay of execution of sentence and scheduled a review hearing for Dec. 31.

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