Coronavirus: What’s reopening this week in Ohio

This week, Ohio will see restaurant’s dine-in service, campsites and horse racing return after closures to prevent the spread of coronavirus. They must follow guidelines outlined by the Ohio Department of Health.

Thursday, May 21, restaurants are permitted to have dine-in services campgrounds will be permitted to reopen.

Restaurants must meet several safety protocols outlined by the state to reopen safely.

Employees are required to stay six feet apart from each other. Parties are only permitted to be 10 people or less and may sit together. However, parties must be distanced from each other via physical space, Plexiglas dividers or high booths.

Employees may not be required to wear a mask if there is a safety hazard, such as a hot grill, the Ohio Department of Health said.

Campgrounds must meet several required safety protocols.

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Information from the state shows that only one family household will be allowed at each campsite, with a limit of 10 people or fewer per site. When possible, campers should practice self-contained camping.

Campground operators must post information around the campgrounds to remind campers and staff of steps to prevent coronavirus, such as staying home if they are sick, washing hands, wearing masks when interacting with others and social distancing.

They must ensure functional toilets are available, clean and sanitize public areas and restrooms in the morning, evening and high-traffic times. They should fully stock hand washing supplies when cleaning restrooms and provide hand sanitizer when water is not available.

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Friday, May 22, horse racing is permitted to resume. Gov. Mike DeWine’s office has not yet announced safety protocols for horse races, but no spectators are permitted at the races. Rasinos and casinos are not permitted to reopen yet and safety protocols for those businesses are in the works, the Ohio Department of Health reported.

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