Coney Island in Cincinnati is adding land-based activities, including pickleball courts

CINCINNATI — Coney Island is expanding its repertoire of activities available, adding more land-based entertainment opportunities for families this summer.

The park is scheduled to fully open on May 27; season pass preview day is May 26.

The new attractions will be positioned a five minute walk from the park’s aquatic activities in the Sunlite Water Adventure zone, according to a press release from Coney Island.

The new area will feature four new pickleball courts that are currently under construction but will be available to rent when they’re finished.

A newly created Sports Alley will house other two other added activities: soccer pool and street curling. According to Coney Island’s press release, soccer pool is “a unique mash-up of soccer and billiards.” Played on a ground-level pool table, players kick a white soccer “cue ball” to knock their team’s colored soccer balls into the side pockets.

Street curling is played exactly the way it sounds: Players slide heavy stones across a synthetic surface toward a target to score points.

Coney Island will also expand offerings available on the weekends. From noon to 6 p.m. each weekend, the park will host fowling and disc golf.

The activities join the park’s mini golf course as options for those looking for a break from the water park.

Coney Island has placed emphasis on its water park since it closed and sold all its fair-style rides in 2019 to focus on expanding activities around the Sunlite Pool, which will celebrate its 100-year anniversary in 2025. The pool is touted as the largest circulating swimming pool in the U.S.

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