City board agrees with residents and denies addict recovery home

A proposed home for recovering addicts won’t be coming to a Middletown neighborhood after the city’s planning commission agreed with concerns raised by some residents.

Dr. Quinton Moss was seeking a conditional use permit to open a housing facility for as many as 30 addicts recovering from substance abuse at the Yankee Road Church of God, 3029 Yankee Road.

Moss said the proposed transitional housing would be called the Genesis Center of Excellence and would be a collaboration between the church, which would continue having its services and activities at the location, and Modern Psychiatry and Wellness LLC, similar to the facility he opened in 2016 at the former Roosevelt Junior High School in Hamilton.

“I want to make this work for everybody,” Moss said of the home that would house men for 90 to 120 days.

Transitional housing is permitted in some residential areas but requires a conditional use permit, said Ashley Combs, city planner. She said conditional use permit decisions do not have to be ratified by City Council.

Mohawk Street resident Doug Ashcraft said the proposed facility would be “literally in my backyard.”

“I’m all for helping people,” he told the Planning Commission on Wednesday. “I understand and I want to help people, but not in my backyard.”

Ashcraft and others said they were concerned because of the amount of drug dealing in the neighborhood already. Some residents said they have found used needles in yards and on the sidewalks where children play.

James Tabor, who owns a house on Yankee Road, said he was also concerned about the safety of children and seniors living in the area.

“We already have problems there and I don’t think we need to import more,” he said.

The Planning Commission unanimously denied the conditional use request, saying there was not enough information about how the proposed facility would be used and that it did not fit in that neighborhood. Members also expressed concerns about security issues.

After the meeting, Debbra Trent, who lives across the street from the Yankee Road Church of God, said she was very thankful for her neighbors who went to the meeting and spoke against the proposed facility.

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