Child falls out window; police don’t suspect ‘foul play’

Middletown police believe a 5-year-old boy jumped out of a second-floor apartment window last week and the incident doesn’t appear to be “foul play,” according to a police report.

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The child was transported to Atrium Medical Center Wednesday night. He was not a patient there as of Monday, according to hospital officials.

A witness told police the window of the Williamsburg Place Apartments in the 1200 block of Jackson Lane was open.

While the witness didn’t see the child jump, he told police it appeared the child was playing near the window. After the child jumped, he fell and hit the concrete below, the report said.

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Immediately after the child jumped, an adult jumped out of the window trying to grab the child, but was unsuccessful, the report said.

The adult landed on the ground and picked up the child and brought him around front, then called paramedics, the report said.

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