Carlisle expected to OK policy for Narcan in police cruisers

Carlisle Town Hall
Carlisle Town Hall

Carlisle Village Council is expected to approve a policy for police to carry naloxone, or better known by its brand name Narcan, in their cruisers at its meeting tonight.

Village Council meets at 6 p.m. at Carlisle Town Hall, 760 Central Ave.

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Police Chief Michael Bruck told council at a recent work-session that officers are usually the first to arrive to heroin overdoses and could help to save someone’s life before paramedics arrive and suggested officers be permitted to carry the overdose reversal drug.

Bruck, a former Middletown police chief, said the Ohio Attorney General’s Office is recommending communities have police carry the reversal drug to get an overdose victim to start breathing again. He also said there is immunity provided to police who administer the drug trying to save someone’s life.

In other agenda items, council is also expected to approve an emergency ordinance to impose a nine-month moratorium for medical marijuana businesses.

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Officials said they wanted more time to allow time to review the state’s rules for cultivation and dispensing which are expected to be released this fall.

If approved, Carlisle would join a number of other communities in the region to put a moratorium on medical marijuana permits after state legislators approved a state law last year.

Council is also expected to appoint a new Planning Commission member and hold a work session after the regular meeting to discuss the village’s 2017 application for Ohio Public Works Commission funding.