Butterfly bandit banned from Krohn Conservatory; ordered to take critical thinking class

The woman who stole a butterfly in April is banned from the Krohn Conservatory and was ordered to take critical thinking classes, according to court documents.

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Jamie Revis, 36, of Springfield Twp., pleaded guilty to a charge of theft for stealing a blue morpho butterfly from the conservatory’s butterfly show on April 15, our news partner WCPO reported.

A judge ordered Revis to pay a fine of $100 or participate in community service, WCPO reported.

Revis, who goes by the name Brynne, previously told a reporter via text about her art and what inspires it. She didn’t go into detail about her court case.

“I’m always inspired! Creating comes naturally to me and it’s accompanied by a desire to leave my mark on the world, to form something beautiful before my time is up,” Revis wrote. “Whether it’s planting a garden, writing, making art, planting trees, saying something kind and uplifting, I feel a need to create beauty and leave the world a piece of my heart behind.”

“I love butterflies and moths! They captivate me. I’m forever amazed at how they appear so fragile and delicate yet are fully capable of migrating across continents! How extraordinary is that!? Their strength is remarkable and their beauty even more so.”

Springfield Twp. police previously told WCPO that Revis had multiple butterflies in her home when they arrested her on April 27. They said she admitted to taking four butterflies from the conservatory.

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