Butler County’s utility assistance program switches seasons

This year’s Summer Crisis utility assistance program, administered through Supports to Encourage Low-income Families (SELF), officially ended last week as summer transitions to autumn and SELF prepares for its Winter Crisis program.

This year’s summer program, which SELF spokesperson Rachel Sheets said helped 380 Butler County households manage their summer utility payments, had been running since July.

The program provides a one-time benefit that’s provided to households that have a member 60 years old or older or a qualifying medical condition, such as asthma. To qualify, each household must be at or below 175% of the federal poverty level guideline, which, for a family of four, would come to $46,000.

Sheets said the program provided 527 fans and 98 air conditioning units to qualifying households this summer.

SELF will soon move to accept applications for its Winter Crisis program, for Butler County residents that need help with their heating. Sheets said applications should open mid-October, and the program will run from Nov. 1 to March 31.

“We can help with fuel, oil or whatever their heating needs are, we can usually assist with that.

Unlike the summer program, the winter program doesn’t have any age requirements or medical requirements; if a Butler County household is at or below the 175% federal poverty guideline, that household is eligible for the program. Sheets said SELF can usually help every eligible applicant.

“We typically don’t run out of funds with these programs. Really, it’s just a matter of them meeting the income requirements and getting their documents to us,” Sheets said. “As long as they can do that before the program ends, they should be able to get help.”


What: Utility assistance from SELF

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