Butler County women report man attempting to record them at apartment complex pool


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Police were called to an apartment complex on Brown Road at 3:46 p.m. Aug. 26 for a report of an unknown man staring at three women and attempting to take a photograph of the buttocks of one of them.

The women told the officer the man, a white male in approximately his early 30s, was continually staring at them and would lower his sunglasses to do so. They said they were uncomfortable due to his obvious “gawking” at them but when they left the poolside to move into chairs, he left his chair and approached them. Two of the women were seated while one was still standing and they said he approached her with an object in his hand.

They said he aggressively placed the device near her buttocks while she was wearing a two-piece bikini swimsuit. She told the officer she was taken aback by the action and frightened by his actions. When he continued, she yelled at him and he fled from the pool area, running northbound through the apartment breezeway. Moments later, another of the women said, she saw a light grey sedan leave the parking lot. She was not sure if it was his vehicle, however.

The victim described the object in the man’s hand as a recording device saying it looked like a “box-like object with two circles on it.” It was also described as looking similar to a GoPro.

The officer obtained surveillance video of the incident which was entered into evidence.

The suspect was described as a while male in his early 30s, with muscular build and buzz haircut, wearing dark gray or black shorts, dark colored sunglasses and black shoes with white soles. He was shirtless but carrying a t-shirt. He was not located in the area and unidentified as of the time of the report. Property management did not recognize him, but said new tenants had been moving in during the previous two weeks.

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