Butler County warning employees about payroll scammer who stole direct deposit

Credit: DaytonDailyNews

A Fairborn woman wants to warn others after she lost hundreds of dollars in a tech support scam. News Center 7's Rachel Murray explains how it happened and how to protect yourself.

Credit: DaytonDailyNews

Butler County officials are warning that a payroll scammer invaded the county’s system and stole one employee’s paycheck, and they say other governmental entities have been targeted as well.

Butler County Auditor Roger Reynolds said someone obtained a county payroll direct deposit form and had one employee’s paycheck deposited into another bank. The suspect even provided the human resources person in that office with a cancelled check for the direct deposit.

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“They (the employee) were out of the office and a change request went into the HR representative and there was a fake check and form with signature provided,” Reynolds said. “So the HR representative thought they were looking at all the information that was necessary to make the requested change and turns out it wasn’t the employee making the request.”

Reynolds said the county has been attacked by potential scammers before, but no one has been successful. This particular payroll scam can’t happen again, according to Reynolds.

“This particular fraudulent attack is new and we have quickly adjusted our controls to safeguard from it happening again,” Reynolds said.

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