Butler County sweep of sex offender addresses finds multiple possible offenses

Butler County Sheriff’s deputies conducted an address verification of a portion of the county’s 550 registered sex offenders on Wednesday with several offenders being investigated for possible violations.

In addition to the periodic checks of registered sex offenders throughout the year, the sheriff’s office organizes several teams of deputies annually to conduct address verifications.

Following an inspection of uniforms and vehicles, five teams of two-person units spent the day conducting address verifications. Of nearly 200 verifications conducted, six offenders will be investigated by the Sexual Offenders Registration and Notification unit. Failure to register and update information is a felony under the law.

“If registered sex offenders are not complying with court orders, they will go to jail, no questions,” said Sheriff Richard K. Jones.

Jones said the verifications are vital in keeping the community safe by keeping track of where these sex offenders are.

Residents can check to see if any offenders are living within one mile near their homes as well as register to be notified if anyone moves near you by visiting the sheriff’s website at www.butlersheriff.org and click SORN; or contact deputy Mike Jacobs at 513-785-1246 or deputy Toby Spencer at 513-785-1277.

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