Feb. 3, 2022: Heavy snow covering ice throughout region

Credit: Journal News

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Butler County snow plow clears ice from road

Credit: Journal News

Heavy snow fell in Butler County through the late afternoon and evening Thursday — after hours of freezing rain coated the grounds and made roadways difficult for drivers. The Butler Co. Sheriff’s Office issued a Level 2 snow emergency around 5 p.m.

Under a Level 2, only emergency personnel and essential workers should be on roadways.

Wind gusts will reach up to 30 miles per hour Thursday evening into Friday.

Sheriff Richard K. Jones had declared a Level 1 snow emergency for the county on Thursday morning. All the local municipalities had crews out attempting to make roads safer, but it was difficult as cleared road got immediately covered again.

“Roads are somewhat slick across the city,” Fairfield Public Works Director Ben Mann said Thursday morning. “Freezing rain has changed to sleet.”

Middletown officials said roads were slick. Oxford officials reported a power outage early Thursday that lasted up to 45 minutes for some but was restored for everyone.

Monroe dispatchers reported Thursday morning that motorists seemed to be staying off roadways and crews were working to keep them clear.

Most area airports had the majority of their flights canceled Thursday. Anyone attempting to head to local airports should check their flight status before going.

Just after 3 p.m. Thursday, Hamilton County declared a Level 2 snow emergency.


Under Ohio law, sheriffs have the responsibility to monitor conditions and declare snow emergencies when it is determined that roads and highway conditions within the county are impaired due to snow and/or ice.

There are three levels of snow emergency in Ohio:

LEVEL 1: Roadways are hazardous with blowing and drifting snow. Roads are also icy. Drive very cautiously.

LEVEL 2: Roadways are hazardous with blowing and drifting snow. Only those who feel it is necessary to drive should be out on the roadways. Contact your employer to see if you should report to work.

LEVEL 3: All roadways are closed to non-emergency personnel. No one should be out during these conditions unless it is absolutely necessary to travel. All employees should contact their employer to see if they should report to work. However, those traveling on the roadways may subject themselves to prosecution.

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