Butler County dispatch center: How much will it charge for calls?

The Butler County Sheriff’s Office said recently it plans to begin charging all departments that use its emergency dispatch center, not just the few that pay now.

Chief Deputy Anthony Dwyer said the department plans to charge Fairfield, Oxford and Ross townships, the villages of New Miami and Seven Mile and MetroParks for police dispatching next year. The cities of Hamilton and Oxford began paying for the service several years ago.

Some departments have said they’re unhappy with the move, because it will add costs where they don’t exist now.

How much will it cost? Here’s the breakdown:

JurisdictionCost2019 police calls
Hamilton$1.15 million91,550
Fairfield Twp.$219,63811,694
Ross Twp.$75,7804,165
New Miami$47,5422,966
Oxford Twp.$34,6511,759
Seven Mile$5,764341
Total$1.9 million126,209

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