Butler County’s confirmed coronavirus cases rise, person connected to Miami U. tests positive

The Butler County General Health District is reporting 19 positive coronavirus cases and four people hospitalized.

Health Commissioner Jennifer Bailer is continuing to ask non-essential business residents to stay home and stop the spread of the potentially deadly coronavirus.

The announcement came on the same day Miami University President Gregory Crawford informed students and staff that a “member of the Miami community” tested positive for COVID-19. That person was last on campus on March 19 and is now self-isolating in a different state, he said.

“We are working with the Butler County Health Department to identify anyone with whom they were in close personal contact,” Crawford wrote. “Those individuals will be contacted and given direction.”

Bailer told the Journal-News it is critical that people start understanding the gravity of the situation. She said the state director of public health says Ohio has seven to 10 days to get the spread “as much under control as possible,” to avoid more severe consequences.

“My message for people now is stay the heck at home,” she said. “Help us to flatten the curve and decrease the number of people who get sick with this disease. People need to stay home.”

Bailer has been meeting with the county commissioners during their Monday meetings to give them updates on the pandemic. She has also started posting updates, with the number positive cases, people quarantined and other information, on the health district’s website. New reports will be available every Monday, Wednesday and Friday after 2:30 p.m.

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