Best of Butler County: The 10 hottest contests after the first day of nominations

Our Best of Butler County contest got off to a fast start Monday with nominations coming in for the 131 contests in 9 categories.

The Journal-News introduced the contest this year to help celebrate the people, businesses and places to love in Butler County. We’ll be taking nominations for who should be the finalists, with voting on those finalists starting next month.

Here are the 10 most popular contests in number of nominations after the first day:

1. Best Bakery

2. Best Donut Shop

3. Best Ice Cream

4. Best Wings

5. Best Breakfast

6. Best Pizza

7. Best Hair Salon/Stylist

8. Best Coffee Shop

9. Best Mexican Food

10. Best Fine Dining

Want to have your say in who the finalists will be? Click here to go nominate in these and other popular contests.