A beautiful moment marked a longtime servant’s memory at a recent Fairfield city council meeting

Donna Gerhardt came to Fairfield’s City Council meeting on Monday, and a beautiful moment ensued.

Robert J. Gerhardt, Jr., a former Fairfield city council member, city manager and police officer, died at his home on March 29. He was 73.

“He was so proud of Fairfield,” said Donna Gerhardt, who publicly thanked City Council and the administration Monday evening. “He loved this city. I wanted to thank all of you who sent kind words to me.

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“I know my husband would have been proud for what Fairfield did for him.”

Gerhardt’s life was about service.

He served in the U.S. Air Force as a military police officer and had a tour of duty in Vietnam.

He spent 30 years serving the city of Fairfield, first as a police officer and then as clerk of the city council. He later was Fairfield’s assistant city manager and city manager, and served several years on City Council.

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Fairfield Mayor Steve Miller said Bob Gerhardt was a mentor to many still working in city government.

“With Bob’s passing, for all that he did for this city and community, in all those years, anything that we can do for you, do not hesitate to ask,” he said. “It’s still a family, and Bob was a big part of it, and so are you and your family.”

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