9 area school districts where teachers, staff lost their licenses after misconduct allegations

EDITOR’S NOTE: This story is part of a Dayton Daily News investigation revealing that educators across Ohio are losing their professional licenses for misconduct at unprecedented numbers. The Daily News analyzed a database of thousands of educator misconduct files, and obtained records from schools, police departments, courts and the state, and reached out to ousted teachers and coaches. Some of the cases the newspaper found from districts across the Miami Valley have never previously been reported. Go here for the full report.


The Ohio Department of Education took action against the professional licenses of dozens of educators and coaches across the Miami Valley in recent years. Here are a few cases from area school districts that resulted in school professionals losing their professional licenses.

1. Xenia City Schools: Gym teacher Eric Salter surrendered his teaching license in November 2017 after the board initiated disciplinary proceedings against him. Salter was caught on camera in April 2017 grabbing a 7-year-old student and dropping him to the ground after the boy kicked him from behind as both were seated. The incident occurred during gym class with other children watching. Salter pleaded guilty in January 2018 to misdemeanor assault and the board permanently revoked his license the same month.

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2. Kettering City School District: Jackie Porter, a former athletic director in Kettering's Van Buren Middle School, was convicted of attempting to commit deception to obtain dangerous drugs in 2016, and had her pupil activity permit permanently revoked in October 2017.

3. Jefferson Township Local Schools: Marcus Gamblin, a substitute teacher and coach in the Jefferson Township Local Schools who lost his teaching license last year following a 2016 guilty plea to a felony charge of cocaine possession, had worked in schools for years despite OVIs in 2010, 2011 and 2012, and prior convictions for assault and possession of cocaine.

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4. Huber Heights City Schools: Huber Heights teacher Nicolette Smyth surrendered her license in May without taking part in an investigation. School and police records show she was accused of improper contact with a high school student. The case is closed and no charges were filed, but Smyth is permanently prohibited from applying for another license.

5. Centerville City Schools: Centerville teacher Samuel Glenn resigned in May 2017 while under police investigation for an incident involving a student. Glenn surrendered his teaching license permanently in July. City police say the case is still open.

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6. Trotwood-Madison City Schools:  Science teacher Deborah Hartwell was accused in 2011 of delayed reporting of an alleged sexual assault, but went on to teach for years in the school before the district reported the allegations to the state shortly before a lawsuit was filed by the purported victim's family. Hartwell lost her license in February of this year.

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7. Kings Local School District: Gym teacher Donald Carson entered into a consent agreement in July 2017 whereby his license was suspended and he is prohibited from ever applying to teach in Ohio again. This followed a complaint on Feb. 8, 2016, from a father saying Carson made his middle school daughters uncomfortable by rubbing their backs and shoulders, and texting one of them without her parents' knowledge. Carson was suspended the next day and resigned in March after the incident was reported to ODE.

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8. Chaminade Julienne Catholic High School: There is little public information about why two CJ employees entered into consent agreements with the state suspending their license and prohibiting them from applying for new ones. They are Ann Meyers -- a math teacher known for her famed sports career at the University of Dayton -- and long-time women's golf coach George Menker.

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9. Pathway School of Discover: Teacher Roy Satterfield had his license permanently revoked in March. He was arrested in November 2015 on gross sexual imposition charges, but released and never criminally charged.

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