Alleged Middletown bike bandit tells judge he has heroin addiction

A Middletown man charged with aggravated robbery and attempted escape told a judge this morning he needed help with his heroin addiction.

Randy Scott Womack, 45, of Vannest Avenue, was arrested Wednesday morning after an investigation found he allegedly robbed an elderly man in a business lot on North Verity Parkway.

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Womack was riding a bike at the time of the alleged robbery, police said.

On Sunday, a Middletown man told police he parked his car at Skateway, 2514 N. Verity Parkway, then walked next door to look at cars at Bill Williams Auto.

He said a man on a bike held him at knife point, took his wallet, then fled on his bike. The man said his wallet contained $70, a driver’s license and a medical card.

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Womack “preyed on the elderly” while riding his bike, according to the police department’s Facebook page.

There have been numerous robberies committed in the city by bicyclists, police said.

On Wednesday, when Womack was escorted from the City Jail to the detective section for additional questioning, he allegedly tried to run out of the police department. He was quickly apprehended by detectives, said Lt. David Birk.

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After his hearing this morning, Womack was taken back to the jail and told by Middletown Municipal Court Judge Melynda Cook-Howard not to try to escape again.

“When you’re in custody, you’re in custody,” she told Womack. “If you’ve never been downstairs, there isn’t an escape from there.”

Later, she said: “You are going to stay downstairs.”

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Womack was appointed a lawyer.

Bond was set at $15,000, Cook-Howard said.

Womack told the judge he “needed help” with his heroin addiction.

“I do need help,” he said.

“Then you need to continue to say those words,” said the judge, who encouraged him to be vocal about needing help as his case continues. “You have some issues going on with you. If you truly want help, start thinking along that path.”

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