5 things to know about the new sports bar, entertainment area coming to Hamilton

Hamilton City Council recently approved a sale of properties in the 500 block of Main Street to make way for a craft brewery/sports bar/cocktail lounge to be called HUB on Main, which also will have an outdoor entertainment area with parking for food trucks.

Here are five things to know:

1. Sale of the properties will be for $1 to HUB on Main LLC, which promises to invest $580,000 in the properties at 501, 509 and 515 Main St. The principals for HUB on Main LLC are Dave and Emily Ernst; and Jeff and Gina Bucalo.

2. HUB stands for “Hamilton’s Urban Backyard.”

3. The properties, some of which were purchased from the estate of the late Hamilton dermatologist Dr. Louis Luke Barich, are key to revitalization of the Main Street corridor. 509 and 515 Main currently are grass-covered lots, and 501 Main has been vacant for some years.

4. The block is considered important in revitalizing Hamilton’s Main Street corridor. When the project is finished, it will eliminate a gap of vacant properties and help add energy and foot traffic to the area.

5. The first phase, which is the bar and outdoor entertainment area, must be finished by June, while the second phase, an upstairs apartment, has a deadline of June 2022. The developers face a penalties of $10,000 for missing either deadline.

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