5 things to know about the coronavirus today: Schools struggle with the virus as classes start

It is Tuesday, Aug. 25, 2020, and these are five things to know today about the coronavirus.

All Miami University student athletes are in quarantine

The Butler County General Health District announced on Monday that it is quarantining all Miami University student athletes who had returned to Oxford, along with coaches and staff who had been in contact with them. Miami University was told on Monday that 27 athletes from various teams tested positive for the coronavirus. Many, but not all, of the athletes who tested positive attended an off-campus social gathering a week ago.

UD’s active coronavirus cases jumped ahead of classes starting, moving classes online

The University of Dayton raised its coronavirus alert level to its third level out of five after 33 people tested positive on Saturday followed by 32 on Sunday for a total of 99 active cases, with the vast majority being students. In addition, on Sunday UD announced it would move all of its first week of classes online.

Lebanon has two more cases, but families face fees to switch to online classes

Lebanon City Schools has now had a total of five students test positive for the coronavirus, including four at the high school and one at the junior high. As a result, 80 students are currently being quarantined, prompting some parents to decide they want to enroll their children in the school’s online classes. However, these families then have to pay a $150 fee to cover the licensing for the online curriculum, since the deadline for enrolling for it was last Friday.

Public health guidelines for performing arts venues may be too restrictive to allow opening

New guidelines from the Ohio Department of Health for reopening performing arts venues place an audience cap of 15% of capacity or 300 people for indoor venues, and 15% or 1,500 people for outdoor venues, whichever is less. In Dayton, that means around 300 people in the 2,324-seat Mead Theatre, 170 in the 1,154-seat Victoria Theatre, 32 in the 212-seat Loft Theatre, and just 17 in the 118-seat Dayton Theater Guild. Officials for Dayton Live said that that audience size is not financially viable.

Tiny group moves to impeach Ohio Gov. DeWine over virus response

A small group of three Southwest Ohio Republican state representatives, including Nino Vitale of Urbana, John Becker of Union Township and Paul Zeltwanger of Mason, co-sponsored a measure to try to impeach Gov. Mike DeWine over his coronavirus pandemic response. In a statement, Becker blamed DeWine for the economic breakdown. The governor’s office responded that the governor is focused on saving lives and helping the economy. Press secretary Dan Tierney said, “That is what he is focused on. Not this.”

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