3 Hamilton murals will be displayed on buses to expand StreetSpark program

Credit: Nick Graham

Credit: Nick Graham

Three murals that have been created as part of Hamilton’s StreetSpark program will be displayed on three Butler County Regional Transit Authority buses later this month to continue expanding the program.

“Inspiring the Future” by Jamie Schorsch, “Incrementum” by Paul Loehle and “Taking Flight” by Taylor Stone-Welch, which have been created on building walls in Hamilton, will be added to buses that travel throughout the county.

The murals have been transformed and created as vinyl wraps, specifically for the buses. The wraps are about 10 feet tall and 35 feet long.

The StreetSpark Buses will be unveiled at a public event on Feb. 12 from 10 a.m. to noon in the Fitton Center for the Creative Arts parking lot that will showcase the buses with the new public art bus wraps. The public is invited to attend the free event, and the artists of the three murals are expected to attend.

“We are very excited to see this new partnership come together with BCRTA,” said Ian MacKenzie-Thurley, executive director of the Fitton Center. “Bringing existing StreetSpark murals to life on public transit is an outstanding opportunity to promote the StreetSpark project and share this amazing artwork with a broader community throughout Butler County.”

Matthew Dutkevicz, executive director of BCRTA initially approached the Fitton Center with the idea of wrapping the BCRTA buses with StreetSpark Murals and the idea quickly gained momentum.

“We are always trying to attract a little bit of attention. We go unnoticed and under the radar a lot, so anything that helps bring some visibility to our mission and what we do in our existence is helpful,” said Dutkevicz, “It seemed like the right opportunity at the right time.”

Shawn Cowan, mobility manager at BCRTA echoed that the project will bring more visibility to the buses and also said this is a creative way to be directly involved in the community.

“Anytime we can be involved, collaborate with the community, and be an instrumental part within the community, and folded into the landscape, I think that always fairs well for us as public transportation,” Cowan said.

Local graphic design company, LemonGrenade Creative, worked in collaboration with StreetSpark and BCRTA to bring the original mural designs off the wall and onto the outside of the buses. Jay Hammond of Luxurious Wraps completed the vinyl wrapping.

“Bus travelers and commuters nearby will be able to enjoy several of our classic mural designs transformed into mobile public art,” said Jennifer Acus-Smith, program manager at StreetSpark.

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