2 report being tied up, threatened at Butler County motel


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A report of suspicious people at a location on College Corner Pike in Oxford on Oct. 3 resulted in a report of an aggravated robbery in which two people were beaten, one of them stabbed, and a vehicle stolen.

The officer arrived a little after 8 p.m. to find a man on the ground with blood on his head and leg. He said he had been at the nearby Budget Inn when someone tied him up, robbed him and stabbed him in the leg. The alleged perpetrator was not identified in the report because he had not been charged by that time. The victim said three other uncharged suspects were also present and involved. The victim said the first uncharged suspect took his 2005 Lincoln Aviator.

The victim told the officer two of the uncharged suspects held him and a woman hostage after the robbery and told him they would “shoot” them with needles and make it look like they had overdosed. The woman had been identified with a name, but when both were taken to the hospital, it was discovered she had not given her correct name.

She was also allegedly tied up and struck multiple times by one of the uncharged suspects in the head with a gun. Detectives arrived at the hospital and took over the investigation.

The woman was identified at the hospital and found to have outstanding warrants through Butler County and was taken to the Butler County Jail.

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