Plummer plans to run for Ohio House speaker

Credit: FILE

Credit: FILE

State Rep. Phil Plummer, R-Butler, Twp., will run for Ohio House speaker when the next General Assembly is seated in 2023, provided he wins re-election to his 40th District seat in 2022, he said Tuesday.

“Like anything else I do, if you’re involved in an organization and you want it to be a top-notch organization, sometimes you just have to lead it,” he told the Dayton Daily News.

Plummer said he’s been working behind the scenes the last couple of months collecting support among his Republican colleagues.

Past ethical lapses among Ohio House leadership, including alleged wrongdoing by former House Speaker Larry Householder, who was removed from the speakership and later expelled from his seat, factored into his decision, Plummer said.

“That won’t happen on my watch,” Plummer said. “When you have a dictator, there’s no check or balance. My philosophy is empower the members, let them do their jobs. But you’ve got to trust and verify they’re doing their jobs … That way you don’t get into these kind of problems because there’s more eyes on government.”

As speaker, Plummer said his priorities would focus on providing Ohioans with good schools, good jobs and safe neighborhoods. He also said he would work to eliminate the state income tax while providing more assistance to people with mental health and substance abuse issues.

A Plummer speakership also would raise the profile of the Dayton region, he said.

“It’s a great opportunity for the Miami Valley to become the Speaker of the House,” Plummer said. “We have our governor from the Miami Valley and with a speaker of the House from the Miami Valley, we can compete with the other big cities that get most of the resources.”

State Rep. Scott Lipps, R-Franklin, along with other Plummer supporters, are hosting a hog roast and bourbon tasting on Wednesday billed as a fundraiser for Plummer’s speakership candidacy, according to an event flyer.

Lipps said he’s getting behind Plummer early in hopes the Ohio House is “back on normal footing” in what could be the 62nd District representative’s last term.

“The house has had a very tumultuous time with our leadership,” he said. “I would like to run for my senior term, but I would like to have stable, honest, dependable leadership, someone that ethically and morally would not be challenged.”

Other fundraiser hosts named on the flyer include Mark and Kathy Gordon, Hollis and Verona Shifflett, Donald “Gus” Edwards, and George and Joanne Karras. Cost of the event in Waynesville is $100 per person or $150 a couple.

Plummer joined the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office as a corrections officer in 1988 and worked his way up the ranks to chief deputy. He was named sheriff in 2008 when Dave Vore resigned. Plummer was later elected to the position he kept until resigning at the end of 2018 after voted into his Ohio House seat.

Plummer’s district covers northeast Dayton, Butler Twp., Englewood, Huber Heights, Phillipsburg, Union, Vandalia, Verona, Wayne Twp. and portions of Clayton, Clay Twp., Harrison Twp. and Riverside.

Due to term limits, Ohio House Speaker Robert Cupp, R-Lima, will have to step down at the end of the current session.

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