YouTube TV unveils limited-time offer for 2024 NFL Sunday Ticket

Credit: AP

Credit: AP

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For a limited time, select new subscribers can save up to $215 on an NFL Sunday Ticket + YouTube TV subscription for the 2024 NFL season.

And non-YouTube TV subscribers can save $100 as well.

To be eligible for the biggest discount, you can’t be an existing YouTube TV + NFL Sunday Ticket subscriber. (They are offering $100 off for early bird renewals for existing subscribers.)

New customers will be able to stack the package discount on top of YouTube TV’s current promotion for new customers for even more savings.

YouTube TV is offering $15 off per month for the first three months. That drops the $72.99 per month subscription down to $57.99 per month for the first three months of service.

When combined with the $170 discount you’re being offered for Sunday Ticket, that adds up to $215 in total savings.

If you’re not a hardcore football fan, you may be wondering what this package is and why it is a big deal.

Since 1994, NFL Sunday Ticket has offered fans a chance to watch every out-of-market NFL football game during Sunday afternoons. This was a product of DIRECTV for many years, but it moved to YouTube in 2023.

Here’s how the league describes the service:

Consisting of all out-of-market Sunday regular-season NFL games (based on viewer’s location) broadcast on FOX and CBS, NFL Sunday Ticket allows fans in the United States the ability to follow all their favorite teams and players no matter where they live.

So, for example, if you live in Atlanta you know that the Falcons are broadcasted on either your local FOX or CBS channel most Sundays. That’s great if you’re a Falcons fan, but pretty crummy if you’re a fan of the Seattle Seahawks living in Atlanta.

NFL Sunday Ticket is a way for that Seahawks fan in Atlanta to watch their favorite team’s game live. And they’ll get all the other out-of-market NFL games on their device as well.

This package does not include Amazon’s Thursday Night Football, NBC’s Sunday Night Football or ESPN’s Monday Night Football broadcasts.

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