“Should I blow surprise for a better trip?”

I think it was the surprise that really surprised him.

As in, it’s the last thing he expected me to ask for.

A little background for you: I have a birthday coming up in January.

A BIG birthday, one that I can’t believe the age it says I’m turning because I pretty much feel half that number.

The celebrations are filling in.

There’s the weekend with one set of girlfriends and a family thing. I was also wanting something with just Husband and me.

And so, I asked.

For a surprise.

You might remember that Husband has a superpower with miles and points. He has our entire financial lives set up so that every dollar we spend brings in multiple miles. It has indeed allowed us to travel the world in luxury while spending pennies.

That is true.


And, the hoops he makes us leap through all in the name of earning points and miles would make a very entertaining reality show.

Early in our marriage he thought it would be fun to book a trip around the world, but not tell me how we were getting home from the Maldives. “What could be more romantic and thoughtful,” he thought.

With little kids at home, this was my idea of mother torture. Granted, the girls were in good hands with my sister, but I had visions of us getting wiped out in a plane crash or a tsunami. I barely unclenched my teeth that entire trip.

But here we are more than a decade later. Those little girls are self-sufficient adults launched into the world. The idea of a loving partner putting thought and creativity into a surprise trip sounds, well, fun.

That was all the encouragement my MilesHusband needed. Once he got over the shock of my request, his fingers flew across his keyboard. I heard giggles and whoops as he pulled together the surprise trip.

I know only the dates in January.

“I’ll tell you it’s not that far away,” he said.

This sounds like a clue to a normal person. But in MilesHusband’s world, this only leaves out the moon and possibly Malaysia.

We were both having such fun with it until last night.

“I can actually use your help with the trip,” he confessed. See, he usually does travel and I fill in with all the “do” stuff for the destination.

This leads me to my dilemma. Do I give up the surprise for the sake of a better trip?

And so, I turn to you, Dear Reader. First, any guesses where the trip is to? And, what should I do? Do I give up the fun of being surprised on the day of the departure for the sake of booking a better adventure?

Surprise me with your responses at Daryn@DarynKagan.com.

And yes, no matter how this plays out, I’m definitely bringing you along.

Daryn Kagan is the author of the book “Hope Possible: A Network News Anchor’s Thoughts On Losing Her Job, Finding Love, A New Career, And My Dog, Always My Dog.” Email her at Daryn@darynkagan.com.

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