Younger people among latest Hamilton coronavirus patients

The number of novel coronavirus cases has climbed to 51 in Hamilton, and it isn’t just older Hamilton residents who are endangered by it.

Among the latest who have tested positive for the coronavirus known as COVID-19 are a 29-year-old man who has been hospitalized in an intensive-care unit, two girls who are 1-year-old or younger, and a 7-year-old boy who is in a hospital.

The man had other health conditions that made him more susceptible to the virus, Hamilton Health Commissioner Kay Farrar said through city spokesman Brandon Saurber.

City officials, who are tracking all known novel coronavirus cases within Hamilton’s borders, said the two girls, one who is 1-year-old and another who is 7 months old, now are at home.

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Hamilton, like many other local health jurisdictions, is providing basic information about coronavirus patients without releasing names or other personal information.

The number of cases in the city has risen quickly the past week, but Farrar is confident ‘that what appears to be a relative spike in recent days is due in large part to increases in testing availability,” Saurber said. She is glad it has become more available.

Here is a sampling of others of the more recent patients the city now is tracking:

  • 37-year-old woman;
  • 36-year-old woman;
  • 40-year-old man who is hospitalized;
  • 46-year-old man in intensive care;
  • 44-year-old woman;
  • 44-year-old man;
  • 36-year-old woman;
  • 26-year-old woman;
  • 41-year-old man;
  • 35-year-old man;
  • 52-year-old man;
  • 60-year-old woman;
  • 42-year-old woman;
  • 53-year-old man;
  • 38-year-old man;
  • 50-year-old woman;
  • 27-year-old man;
  • 56-year-old man;
  • 39-year-old man who is hospitalized;
  • 27-year-old woman; and a
  • 28-year-old man.

Farrar emphasized while Gov. Mike DeWine this week announced the gradual reopening of businesses, this is not a time to let up on social distancing and other virus-containment practices. Starting Friday, medical offices reopened, and on Monday general office operations, manufacturing, construction and distribution can reopen. On May 12, consumer retail and services will reopen.

“I look at this as our proving period,” Farrar said. “We have to prove to the governor, and ourselves, that we can continue to return to normal. Now, more than ever, we need to practice our best personal hygiene, social distancing, and mask-wearing.”

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