Psychiatric clinic now seeing patients at new Hamilton location

Light construction and remodeling is still happening, but Modern Psychiatry & Wellness, a psychiatric clinic that specializes in helping opioid addicts, has been seeing patients at its new Hamilton location at 1910 Fairgrove Ave., Suites D and E.

Workers are creating a reception area, and then will provide the space with areas where counselors can run group therapy sessions and places where patients can have safe support and also social activities, said Dr. Quinton Moss, who owns Modern Psychiatry, which has locations in Hamilton and West Chester.

“When people need a small reprieve during the day from their environment, we’ll be able to have the safe, supportive environment, where they’ll be able to come here, and have some breathing space,” Moss said.

Hamilton police have had no calls to the new location in its six weeks at the new site. The former location also was problem-free, Police Chief Craig Bucheit said recently, before Hamilton City Council approved the new site.

The company hopes to have an open house for the community at its new site, perhaps in October. It is located across the street from the Butler County Fairgrounds, and is on the same property as Catholic Charities and the Butler County Coroner.

Like many areas of Ohio and the country, Butler County is facing large numbers of people addicted to heroin and other opioids, facing the possibility of death from overdoses or other issues with the drugs. It serves thousands of Butler County residents each year for a variety of mental illnesses.

“We continue to have our walk-in clinic from 8 a.m. until 1 p.m., Monday through Thursday, where people can walk in, particularly if they’re suffering from addiction,” Moss said.

Addicts wanting to connect with help also can go to the website, which is, to provide information that makes it easier when counselors call them back to set up appointments. People also can call 513-299-4053.

The operation’s faith-based Genesis Center of Excellence, where people live overnight during rehab, will continue to operate on the top level of the former Roosevelt school at 621 Erie Blvd. That building’s new owner has renamed it “The Embassy.”

The Genesis program can treat as many as 40 people at a time. They stay there varying amounts of time, depending on their needs.

When Hamilton City Council was deciding whether to approve the move to Fairgrove Avenue, dozens of people, concerned the new location might not be approved, provided personal testimonials of how Modern Psychiatry helped them conquer addictions and return to productive lives.

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