Impressed Hamilton council approves addiction treatment center’s move

After yet another round of supporters testifying about how Modern Psychiatry & Wellness has helped them and others, an impressed Hamilton City Council approved the move of part of the psychiatric clinic’s operations to another part of the city.

The center helps wean drug addicts from opioids, and for a third straight city meeting, a large number of patients, employees and others expressed strong support for the clinic, which has been operating out of 621 Erie Blvd., at the former Roosevelt Junior High School.

But because a church has bought the building and needs the bottom floors, the operations must move to 1910 Fairgrove Ave. Meanwhile, the operation’s faith-based Genesis Center of Excellence, where people live overnight during rehab, will continue to operate on the top level of the former Roosevelt school.

Before the 7-0 vote that allowed the move, Council Member Tim Naab had something to say to Dr. Quinton Moss, who owns the operation.

“I’d just like to go on the record that the advocacy and the support, Dr. Moss, that you have had for your facility, the treatment that you offer, the community that you serve, has just been extraordinary,” Naab said. “I don’t believe in my 10 years in service on council that we’ve ever had the members of … another community come and speak with us to tell us the story and the good that’s being performed at your complex.”

Council Member Matt Von Stein in particular thanked supporters who had attended two meetings in a row to show their support.

Many people told city leaders they have their lives back after treatment for heroin addiction. Some said they probably would be dead without the help.

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