20 COVID-19 cases confirmed in Warren County

20 cases of Covid-19 are confirmed in Warren County.

The Warren County Health District reported 14 cases involve men testing positive for the novel coronavirus. Six confirmed cases involving women had already been confirmed in Warren County, according to the health department.

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The age range of those with confirmed cases remained 22 to 74 years old, according to the health department.

Health Director Duane Stansbury said the department was focusing on communicating with businesses about state stay-at-home orders and “contact tracing” those people close to those who have tested positive.

Stansbury also said that his department was involved in distributing the county’s allocation of needed supplies from the Strategic National Stockpile to hospitals, nursing homes and first responders.

Also Friday, Atrium Medical Center officials indicated the hospital is ready “for a potential surge of patients due to the coronavirus pandemic.”

The hospital has had only one positive test at the hospital and no patients with the novel coronavirus have been admitted, officials said Friday.

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