Re-creation of ‘Friends’ New York apartments set to open for 25th anniversary

Credit: Vince Bucci

Credit: Vince Bucci

Fans of the popular, long-running television series "Friends" can take a walk back in time this fall and visit a re-creation of the famous apartments shared by Monica, Rachel, Ross, Chandler and Joey on the show.

In celebration of the series' 25th anniversary, Warner Bros. and Superfly Productions are building what's billed as an immersive pop-up experience in a building in the city's SoHo neighborhood that features re-creations of the "Friends" characters' two apartment sets and their hangout Central Perk.

"It's been nearly 25 years since 'Friends' premiered, but the fascination and universal appeal of the hit TV series lives on with fans of all ages," said Peter Roden, Warner Bros. senior vice president of global-themed entertainment and consumer products, according to People magazine.

“As we celebrate the show’s milestone anniversary, we are excited to bring the ‘Friends’ experience to life for our fans in a way that pays homage to the remarkable cast of characters, iconic sets and instantly quotable moments,” Roden said.

The pop-up will run from Sept. 8 through Oct. 9 with tickets costing $29.50 for a one-hour tour of the exhibition. Fans can also shop in a "Friends" store on-site.

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