Company: Hamilton’s giant Spooky Nook complex to create hundreds of jobs, some $50K or more

The Spooky Nook gigantic sports facility and convention center being built on North B Street in Hamilton’s former Champion Paper mill will create several hundred jobs when it is open, some of them even a year before then, the ownership company has said.

Here are some highlights of the predictions by Spooky Nook, which already operates a similar facility, the largest in North America, near Manheim, Pa., in the Lancaster area:

• 100 full-time jobs with benefits will be created at the facility, with one third of them having average pay of more than $56,000 per year. Those will include department directors and managers, as well as for the facility’s hotels.

• There also will be 365 part-time positions that will be ideal for college and high school students, as well as for retirees.

• In addition to the people directly employed by Spooky Nook itself, the company believes another 150 full-and part-time jobs will be created by restaurants, shops and other businesses that will fill the more than 10,000 square feet of space that will be leased to others within the complex.

• Meanwhile, there will be 150 construction jobs on site over 18 months, the company said.

“We’ve heard feedback from the community: ‘These are all entry-level positions,’” said Jonathan Snavely, the company’s director of marketing and corporate partnerships. “We will need those, as you know.”

On the other hand, “we have managers, directors, of departments, especially in the hospitality industry, in the banquet side, hotel side, sport services, our guest services. Each of those departments, they have managers, they have directors, and that’s where that number comes from.”

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Snavely already has spoken with a Miami University sports management class about opportunities for that field that will be available, he said.

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