Voter Guide: Clearcreek Township Trustee



The Dayton Daily News, Springfield News-Sun and Journal-News invited local candidates to fill out the following questionnaire to inform readers.


Tyler J. Klick

Education: Associate’s in arts, Miami University; high school diploma, Springboro High School

Current Employment: Student

Community Involvement: Warren County Republican Central Committee member Precinct 70; Republican Women of Warren County (associate member); Miami University College Republicans

Why are you seeking elected office? I am a lifelong resident of Springboro/Clearcreek Township. Through my experience as a resident, I’ve seen tremendous growth in housing, businesses and in the schools. The city’s growth has created numerous assets to its residents, and I would like to continue asset building throughout the township. The best way to create change residents would like to see is by adding a new voice, a new member to the board. I want to ensure the quality of life I’ve been able to experience is available for the next generation of residents. There has never been a more important time for people of all ages to be involved in their local government, and it would be my honor to represent you.

Why should voters elect you? I will bring fresh perspectives to a township in need of a new voice. Working with elected officials in all corners of Warren County, I’ve seen firsthand what policies work to create an efficient government and how we could implement those in our township. I’ve seen the challenges our schools have faced with growth and understand why teachers and parents alike are concerned. I understand what happens to a community that trades its identity for unchecked growth and promise to defend Clearcreek from this. I pledge to be an accountable, open book for all residents to communicate with. Not a penny of your money will be spent without communication explaining why and how it will be used. A vote for Klick is a vote for a new generation of leadership in Clearcreek Township.

If elected, what will be your top three priorities? 1. Transparency: I will lead the charge to establish direct communications from the township to all residents. No decisions, especially those regarding our schools or new developments, should occur in the dark. Your input is important in making sure that the board accurately represents those it is meant to serve. 2. Collaboration: As the township and city have a joint fire department and model cooperation, there are other areas that could benefit from this approach. Infrastructure improvements, parks and school needs could be completed more efficiently with a joint approach. Any avenues that could save taxpayers money should be considered. 3. Growth: The township is going to be the epicenter of growth over the next decade, as it has already shown. Ensuring that this growth does not outpace our infrastructure while maintaining our townships’ unique identity, is essential. Creating a plan to guide the growth residents would like to see would help in steering decisions the board will make.

What specific plans do you have to address those top priorities? 1. Transparency: The city of Springboro models excellently open communication to its residents. Through active use of social media and quarterly newsletters everyone can see how their city is being operated. This model could be applied well to the township. 2. Collaboration: Looking at how other townships collaborate with their police, fire, schools, parks and infrastructure, we could view them as models and find ways to implement them to our benefit. Finding ways to save/more efficiently spend taxpayer dollars can benefit township and city residents alike. 3. Growth: Other rapidly growing townships have created long-term plans to guide growth over the next 10, 20, even 30 years. Establishing a list of infrastructure needs and requirements to ensure that growth has a system of checks and balances. I was glad to play a role in Springboro’s 10 year growth plan.

Anything else? I care about the future of Clearcreek Township and ensuring that its leadership accurately reflects its residents. I am a lifelong Republican who has developed professional relationships with federal, state, county and business leaders on both sides of the aisle. If elected, I will be accountable and work to represent every resident of Clearcreek Township. I look forward to earning your vote and making Clearcreek the best place to live in the state of Ohio.

Steve Muterspaw

No response

Ed Wade

No response