Threat overheard by Lebanon student not credible, superintendent says

A threat overheard by a Lebanon City Schools student was determined to not be credible following an investigation by the administration and school resource officer, according to the district’s superintendent.

“Our administrators investigated the reports, in cooperation with our school resource officer, and we determined that the reported threats were not credible based on the information we have received,” read a message from Superintendent Isaac Seevers sent to parents Monday night. “Police are aware of the reports and will be onsite, as they are every day, to provide support and a law enforcement presence at our high school.”

On Monday, a student reported they overheard something about possible violence at Lebanon High School.

“We appreciate the report from the student and the emails and questions we have received this evening from caregivers,” Seevers said.

Further information about what was overheard was not released.

“We will continue to take reports of student safety seriously and will work to establish the credibility of the reports and fully investigate each time,” Seevers said.

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