Lebanon renews city manager’s contract through 2028

Lebanon’s top city administrator will be in place for the foreseeable future.

City Council approved a new five-year contract for City Manager Scott Brunka which went into effect April 1 and expires in December 2028.

Brunka has been the city manager since 2017.

Prior to his appointment as Lebanon city manager, Brunka worked for the city for 16 years that included 15 years as deputy city manager and 19 months as city engineer.

Brunka worked five years as an engineer in Hamilton before going to Lebanon. He was tapped to replace former city manager Pat Clements, who retired after 16 years.

Brunka’s new annual salary will be $148,200, which is his base pay. Every Jan. 1, his base pay will be increased by the same percentage as the annual pay rate increases provided to non-unionized employees of the city.

“You have done an excellent job and we are blessed to have you,” Councilman Michael Cope said of how council feels about Brunka’s performance.

Breighton Smith, council’s newest member, said he appreciates working with Brunka.

“You have always been upfront and your vision for Lebanon is clear,” he said.

Brunka responded, “I love working for the city. It’s a great community.”

Mayor Mark Messer said of Brunka: “excellence in public service has always been in the forefront... I sincerely appreciate the quick responses and it’s been a pleasure working with you.”

Other provisions in Brunka’s new contract includes an automatic one-year renewal provision if written notice is not given by either party 120 days prior to the contract expiration.

Benefits include contributions by the city covering Lebanon’s and Brunka’s share for his retirement account with the Public Employees Retirement System and the International City/County Management Association’s deferred compensation plan in the amount of $10,000 per year, group health/dental insurance at the same cost as other full-time employees, life insurance coverage with a death benefit at double his annual salary and 22 days of vacation per year.

Brunka is eligible to accrue sick, FMLA, injury and funeral leave, the city will cover dues, subscriptions and travel expenses that are reasonably necessary, the city will cover the costs of Brunka’s liability insurance and the premium for the bond required by the city manager.

In the event Brunka is terminated by the city before the contract expiration, or at such later date, Lebanon is to pay Brunka a lump sum cash severance payment equal to six months of his annual salary, minus legal deductions. In addition, the city will continue to pay its contribution of Brunka’s health insurance for six months.

The city will also have to pay Brunka all earned and accrued vacation pay, holiday pay, sick time pay and other benefits, including contributions to his deferred compensation account.

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