Starbucks testing out stores that do not accept cash

Starbucks is testing out a cashless checkout in stores nationwide.

As of Tuesday, one downtown Seattle store accepts only cards or mobile payments, according to a report from KIRO-7. The coffee chain is receiving mixed reviews from customers, some who like the convenience while others worry about privacy issues.

Robert Safian, editor of Fast Company, told KIRO 7 that the cashless wave will only grow. “The reason is it’s easier. It’s easier for retailers and easier for us as consumers.”

Starbucks is also using the pilot program to receive feedback from employees, but it is unlikely the company is getting rid of any baristas soon. In a recent interview on CNBC, executive chairman Howard Shultz said, "I don't see a day where AI or robotics is going to replace the humanity of Starbucks."


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