Ohio ranked in the bottom half for working dads


A father’s duty at home has taken a slight change in the past few decades. In the past, the man was the breadwinner for the family. In 2017, research found that two-thirds of family households now depend on two incomes, according to WalletHub.

Ohio ranks 27th in the U.S. for working dads with children aged 0 to 17.

The rankings include stats involving lowest child-care costs, lowest number of kids age 0 to 17 living in poverty (with father present), highest median family income, lowest unemployment rate for dads with young kids, lowest male uninsured rate, highest men’s life expectancy, and lowest average length of work day.

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When looking specifically at “Economic & Social Well Being,” “Work-life Balance,” “Child Care,” and “Health,” experts found that Ohio ranked 27th.

With a total score of 52.31, Ohio ranked 21 for “Economic & Social Well Being,” 24 for “Work-life Balance,” 26 for “Child Care,” and 38 for “Health.”

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While Ohio remains in the middle of the ranking, Connecticut ranks number one for the best state for working dads. For a total score of 72.10, Connecticut ranked 8 for “Economic & Social Well Being,” 4 for “Work-life Balance,” 6 for “Child Care,” and 5 for “Health.”

To view the full report and each state or district's ranking, visit here.