Ohio couple leaves $100K at Goodwill, then takes it back


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A couple in Ohio accidentally donated a duffel bag of nearly $100,000 at a Goodwilll in Zanesville, and scrambled to take it back when they realized their mistake.

Employees at a Goodwill in Zanesville, Ohio found a duffel bag of cash amounting to $97,004, a marriage certificate and a living will.

"It was so much cash they figured it was fake at first and then thought, 'Well no, maybe it's actually counterfeit money,'" employee Kelsey Croy told reporters. "So they brought it into the store office. I looked in the bag and we counted it right there on the desk. And it was $97,004."

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The employees called the couple, who did not immediately answer the phone. They then called the Zanesville Police Department to handle the matter. Officers finally got a hold of the couple, who did not know the money was missing.

They had the money in cash because their bank was closing and they wanted to withdraw all of it and move it to another bank. Before they went to a new bank, they stopped at Goodwill to drop off a bag of clothes and that’s how the money ended up there.

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