New Middletown business features vintage clothing, lingerie

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House of Lux is a new downtown Middletown business at 1039 Central Ave. offering hand-picked vintage lingerie, vintage clothing and dresses, plus alterations, custom tailoring, jewelry and accessories.

Credit: DaytonDailyNews

A new business in this city’s resurgent downtown offers a wide array of hand-picked vintage lingerie, vintage clothing and dresses.

House of Lux, which opened for select hours in May, recently expanded to five days a week at 1039 Central Ave., selling a curated collection of aforementioned apparel, as well as alterations and custom tailoring, jewelry and accessories.

The business is the brainchild of owner Andrea Bauer, who worked out a deal with the landlord, according to co-owner Corinne Brown, a seamstress who handles tailoring there.

“All the vintage items are items she’s collected over years of selling vintage items in her Etsy shop,” said Brown, who noted Bauer immediately told her that she would sell her designs via Brown’s business. “As time went along, the more we worked together, the more she insisted that I was going to be Middletown’s next tailor.”

Eventually, as the two women realized they were forging a solid partnership, Christina Blevins-Grover “came along and organized everything,” Brown said.

The majority of the House of Lux’s current inventory includes quality vintage items, as well as fashion house-worthy selections, including everything from slips and lingerie to everyday wear and gowns.

“Vintage isn’t a hot commodity right now, it will always be a hot commodity,” Brown said. “People love remembering a past time, especially when that past time reminds them of someone they love.”

“If you love fashion, clothing and design, the way we do, opening a shop is a dream come true.”

Bauer is the store’s vintage expert.

“It’s something that she loves. You see it her style,” she said. “She doesn’t have to be working to talk about vintage items, it’s part of who she is.”

Hours are 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. Tuesday to Saturday and by appointment for tailoring and alterations. For more information, call 513-439-9105 or visit

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