Local restaurant closes after owner’s death

Brazenhead Irish Pub has closed its doors after its owner’s recent death.

The business at 5650 Tylersville Road in Mason posted “Brazenhead is closed’ sign on its door weeks after owner Jack Eggspuehler, of Dublin, died April 30 at 86 years old, according to Mike Tibbetts, managing partner of Historic Dublin Restaurants, which runs the Brazenhead Irish Pubs in the Columbus market.

“The heirs weren’t interested in being in the restaurant business,” Tibbetts said.

Eggspuehler had the building constructed by a firm in Ireland, then shipped to Mason for assembly on the corner on Tylersville Road and U.S. 42., he said.

Historic Dublin Restaurants took over management of the Warren County restaurant last October as it sought to address "underperforming" sales by shutting down for three months to renovate portions of the building, revamping food and beverage menus, hiring a new management team, installing new equipment and training new and existing staff.

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