Kroger scan-as-you-go shopping carts being tested in area

Shoppers at the Monroe Kroger may now be able to use KroGO shopping carts, the grocery chain’s newfangled way for customers to save time at the checkout by scanning items as you go.

Kroger officials said the addition brings the store in line with the brand’s aim to modernize the shopping experience.

“The store of the future is a new concept at our Monroe location,” Kroger spokesperson Jenifer Moore said. “[It] gives customers a variety of options that include our new high-tech modes of checkout as well as the traditional low-tech method.”

The KroGO carts, of which Monroe has 10, have built-in scales and cameras, along with a touchscreen at the handle of the cart and a credit card scanner. Shoppers using a KroGO can use reusable bags and immediately scan their grocery selections as they go.

There are some items that can’t be purchased through KroGO just yet, including tobacco products, hard liquor and behind-the-counter pharmacy items. Additionally, the carts can only take debit or credit payments; shoppers planning to pay with cash, check, WIC or EBT will have to stick to standard shopping.

Once finished, shoppers can pay right at their KroGO cart and then exit through the self checkout area. However, the high-tech carts should be returned inside the store after use.

“They enable customers to scan groceries as they shop, pay at the cart and completely skip the checkout line,” Moore said.

But, if shoppers still prefer a low-tech grocery experience, there’s no need to worry — employees said traditional carts will never be fully abandoned.

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