Top 10 employers in Fairfield, a list that could soon have a new member

EDITOR’S NOTE: This story first ran on April 27, 2019, but has been updated with employment data as of Oct. 8, 2019.

The Fischer Group plans to invest an estimated $17.4 million to dramatically expand its Bohlke Boulevard-based business over the next several years.

Over that time, the plan is to create 300 to 400 jobs, beginning with 100 new jobs after the first phase of construction wraps up in mid-2020.

If owner and founder Al Fischer meets his expectations, the company could catapult onto the city’s top 10 list — which includes some of Butler County’s top employers.

Here are the companies on that list, and their estimated number of employees, as of January 2019:

1. Cincinnati Financial Corp.: 3,250

2. Mercy Health- Fairfield Hospital: 1,400

3. Liberty Mutual: 1,400

4. Koch Foods: 1,250

5. Fairfield City School District: 900

6. Express Scripts: 750

7. Pacific Manufacturing: 700

8. Veritiv Corporation: 475

9. Martin Brower: 450

10. Takumi Stamping: 425

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