Recalls: globes, range hoods, mowers and more

Parents, homeowners, gun owners, and equestrians need to check for the latest recalled products announced by the Consumer Product Safety Commission.

Some children’s globes are being recalled by Bulk Unlimited because they can catch on fire or overheat.

There are two reports of The Little Experimenter 3-in-1 World globes overheating and one report of a globe igniting, but no injuries.

Don’t use the recalled globes with the date code 102018-107 and contact Bulk Unlimited at 877-206-1171 to receive a free replacement.

Range hoods by Air King America are being recalled because they can come loose from the wall.

One person has reported damage to cook top from a falling Valencia range hood.

The full list of products and model numbers under recall can be found here.

Stop using the range hoods and visit or call 877-304-3785 for instructions on how to inspect it and to schedule a free repair and replacement.

Some Stack-On Sentinel gun safes are being recalled because they can open without a key or combination.

There is  one report of a safe opening due to a bolt malfunction, but no injuries.

Don’t use the safes with the style number FSS18-64-MB-E-S and contact Alpha Guardian at 833-255-9827 to get a replacement safe or to get your money back.

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American Honda portable generators are under recall because of 19 reports of fuel leaking from the fuel valve, which could cause a fire or burns.

The recalled generators have the model number EB2200iT with the serial number range of  EAJT-1000001- EAJT-1005474 or the model numbers EU2200iTA,  EU2200iTA1, or EU2200iTA2 with the serial number range of EAMT-1000001-EAMT-1260796.

Don’t use the recalled generators and contact American Honda at 888-888-3139 to schedule a free repair.

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Zero turn mowers by Kubota are being recalled because the throttle cable can contact internal electrical wiring and catch on fire.

No fires have been reported, but don't use the 2018 and 2019 Kubota ZD 100 mowers with multiple model and serial number ranges, which can be found here. 

Contact Kubota Tractor Corp. at 800-752-0290 to schedule a free inspection and repair.

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Collegiate riding saddles by Weatherbeeta USA are under recall because short screws may not hold it together properly and cause a fall.

There are 16 model numbers included in this recall which can be found here. 

No one has been hurt but don’t use the recalled saddles and contact Weatherbeeta USA at 877-927-4337 to receive a free repair.

There is one report of the stem breaking on a myStromer ST5 electric bicycle prompting a recall.

The recalled bikes will have a VIN between TBNST5S700SJA0001 through TBNST5S700SKF0065.

Don’t ride on them and contact myStromer at 800-819-4262 for a free repair.

For more information on these and more recalls visit 

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