Can you get bed bugs on planes? Reports increase for some airlines

Hotels aren’t the only place you have to worry about getting bed bugs.

Reports of bed bugs on some international airline are increasing. Air India has had multiple reports of bed bugs in its business-class seats, according to several news outlets including Fox5NY. Late in July, two Air India passengers posted online about being bitten by bed bugs on flights from the New York to India.

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It’s not the first airline to have issues with reports of bed bugs. British Airways and United Airlines also dealt with reports from passengers about bed bug bites in 2010 and 2011. British Airways told Travel + Leisure that bed bugs aboard airplanes are very rare occurrences.

Worried about bed bugs on your next flight?

• Inspect the seat before sitting down

• Consider using a personal pillow and blanket, and opting out on the pillow and blanket provided by the airline

Bed bug seat covers and "Travel Hygea Natural Exterminator Spray" can also be purchased before a flight


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