<b>Cloudy with a Chance of Podcast recap show</b>


Summer is here, and that can mean a lot of vacation time.

Meteorologists Kirstie Zontini and McCall Vrydaghs are working hard to get schedules lined up and a new podcast dropped. In the meantime, here’s a look back at a few episodes that are available.

In mid-March Kirstie and McCall sat down with WHIO anchor and reporter Gabrielle Enright to talk about her experiences of traveling with Ohio Task Force 1. During their interview, Gabrielle talked about what it was like being in cities and towns after a natural disaster had occurred. From flooding to power outages to people losing everything, Gabrielle was there to help and to tell their story. You can listen to that interview here:


After a natural disaster has occurred, it can be scary and confusing to determine where to start when picking up the pieces. In episode 7 of Cloudy with a Chance of Podcast, Kirstie and McCall talked with Assurant Weather Risk Analyst Bryan Wood. Bryan is there after disaster strikes to help fast-track insurance claims. He is also a storm chaser. Listen to Bryan describe the experience of chasing a tornado for a glimpse of the impact these events have on the community.


When the U.S. Navy Blue Angels visited the 2018 Dayton Air Show, they picked up Kirstie for a joyride. On the podcast, she talked with Lt. Andre Webb, who is Blue Angel No. 7. He is the narrator for the team and an advanced pilot. You will hear from Kirstie’s perspective what it’s like to fly faster than the speed of sound.

McCall and Kirstie will return soon with a new episode of cloudy with a chance of podcast. You can subscribe, download and listen on Google Play, iTunes and Sticher. Also, you can listen to these and several other episodes by clicking here: