Sports Today: Reds top Indians, Joey Votto claps back, more recruiting updates

The Reds beat the Indians last night, but I'm still pretty much over interleague play.

As for the game, Jim Kelch said this on the radio broadcast, but it bears repeating: That was a textbook 2017 Reds win.

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Journeyman starter pitches six strong innings, three best relievers back it up with shutout ball.

Offense scores early to get a lead and tacks on late with some small ball and a clutch hit.

This is the path to .500 (he typed only somewhat sarcastically)!

Of course, it would be nice if they mixed in a dominant outing from Amir Garrett every 5-10 days, but beggars can’t be choosers.

Unless you’re in #TeamTankAgain, this season is about survive and advance toward respectability, perhaps a springboard to being contenders again next year if the starters are healthy, young hitters continue to improve. Maybe Nick Senzel is ready for The Show to add another premium bat, too?

While I don’t find him to be above reproach, it’s still amazing how little respect Joey Votto gets as a great baseball player and Cincinnati Red. 

A fan recorded him taking flak from another in very expensive seats last night, and he seemed to handle it pretty well.

The Indians being in town and the Nashville Predators winning last night to advance to the Stanley Cup Finals also got me thinking about something in regards to 21st century fandom. 

Here’s a bad thing that is happening on the Internet: We are getting too accustomed to rooting against what we don't like rather than for what we do.

I think this goes back to the message board days, but social media has expanded it significantly.

I am as guilty of this as anyone, as I am reminded whenever the Predators win a game this spring. I have been rooting against them since they knocked out my beloved Blackhawks in a humiliating first-round sweep.

Sad but true: I don't want the team that got its joy from beating mine to continue feeling good.

Other years I would probably be happy for them. Cool city. Seem like good, honest fans. But I just don't want to see them happy at my team's expense, even a month after their series.

This is different, I think, when rooting for a team that is currently consistently good — a dynasty, if you will. Maybe call it double-schaedenfraude? They got extra delight from slaying Goliath, so I want even more for them to eventually suffer.

These feelings are permanent with our rivals, whose fans obviously never have the right to enjoy their teams’ success.

For example, I like having it over Indians fans that their team hasn't won a World Series since 1948.

The Cubs are annoying, too, but they aren't as prevalent where I live. They more come and go. Cleveland fans are everywhere, especially in central Ohio where I’ve lived most of the last decade.

Our rivals are generally derived from proximity, but this is where the internet has changed things. Proximity is just a tweet away now.

We know more about everybody and want them to win less. Everyone can gloat over us, so no one can win but us if we want to be safe.

There's no neutral, no middle ground, and that is not good.

What do you think?

Another day and yet more recruiting news. 

Today congratulations go to Centerville defensive lineman Sam Vance, who has added a scholarship offer from Air Force.

Meanwhile, Thurgood Marshall grad and former Wright State standout Mark Alstork is one day away from announcing where he will finish his college career.

He was in Kettering last night to accept an award from the Agonis Club and filled us in on his thinking as decision day looms.

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